Cherry Tree observed

From the 1st March to Easter Sunday, 4th April 2021, I have sketched the beautiful cherry tree outside my window. Using my iPad and the free app ‘Sketch Tree’ I have made daily observations every morning between dawn and around 8pm, reworking it’s bare limbs and branches, charting it’s burgeoning passage into Spring.

This has been an important process that I’ve found really beneficial during the latter stages of our recent UK COVID Lockdown. We all know of the confinement that we’ve found ourselves in over the last year and noting small developments and changes in our surroundings has been an even greater tonic than usual. Every burgeoning bud and shoot has been noted with far greater anticipation and appreciation and I wanted to record a little of this in my sketches here.

This short reel has been put together with 35 drawings, each worked for around an hour.

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