Recent sketches August 2020

It’s been difficult to get out and about in a Covid world hasn’t it. Stephen and I have managed to grab a few hours here and there and found some isolated spots to sketch en plein air. We returned to Ickworth House, our very favourite National Trust property this Summer; it’s just on our doorstep and opened a few booked slots after Lockdown. It was fascinating to study the famous rotunda with its intricate scaffolded hat, to allow for essential roof work to be undertaken. We love to spend time there as often as we can, with a view to draw and glad that we were able to do so in these days of deep restriction.

It was our wedding Anniversary in August too and we sneaked a night away at Orford Ness, on the Suffolk coast. A beautiful spot to draw with stunning landscape, beautiful coast and plenty of boats to inspire.

Making a mark of some sort, every day is really important to both Stephen and me. It doesn’t have to be much, but our creativity has helped guide us through these stranger days. It’s important to notice, observe and perhaps record what falls into focus I think and we have sketched, painted, carved, sewn, written and gardened. It helps to simply feel the moment and take a deep breath.

Stay safe and well and thank you for your support always

Lorna x

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