A few sketches from a while ago…

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I thought I’d begin to build up a little archive from older sketchbooks. Here are a few pencil and biro sketches from a few years ago. My son had a tutor session each week for an hour an a half, so I used to draw whatever was To hand at that time and quite liked the limited time.


Ickworth sketches


Here are a couple of sketches done at this fabulous property in Suffolk this Summer. They are on the most extraordinary handmade paper, leather bound and given to me by my wonderful husband, Stephen. I’m finding it best to use for ink sketches, as it’s not sized quite for watercolour – it seeps straight in like blotting paper! The texture is sublime though and I am enjoying filling its pages…

We are back at Ickworth today, though it’s grey and dismal out there. We like the stillness and the atmospherics of a little precipitation. Pac-a-macs and a flask at the ready and will post results later.

Ickworth Park


Each year my husband makes a point of producing a painting at the glorious Ickworth Park in Horringer, Suffolk. Last year I joined him for the first time and fell in love with its astounding beauty. It has a grand house certainly, Italianate gardens beautifully ordered and clipped, but for me I love exploring the quieter, more understated areas.

This year we have focused on the lake by the Summer House. There is no understatement there either, but my eye was drawn to the magnificent oaks that hug the water opposite and the incredible variety of colour and form in the wild grasses, flowers and marginal plants in the foreground. A quick sketch today in my lovely leather bound book full of handmade paper, before the drizzle set in and we retreated for tea. I will explore this on a larger scale I think.