Sketching in the Stumpery

The results of an hours sketching trip a few weeks ago now. We were struck by the amazingly dramatic forms of the stumpery at Ickworth – it’s almost prehistoric. (Apologies for the blueish cast over my drawing here… we were in a very wooded spot.)

I’m still working in my marvellous handmade sketchbook that Stephen bought me. The paper is incredibly textured and reacts to paint a bit like blotting paper. The size is very different (if any?) and I’m choosy as to which subject would be suited to paint. Mainly I stick to ink drawing.

Stephen and I have been incredibly busy this year with family needs, as well as preparing for two major shows; my solo at Ashdown Gallery and our collaborative exhibition and somehow snatching a little time to sketch is even more important to us these days. It’s almost meditative and for that hour or so, one is able to draw with no expectation nor pressure. We have been driving so much recently too and have really missed the opportunity a train journey offers for those precious hours of doodling. Hopefully time will loosen its grip a bit and start to flow a little easier.

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