A new studio for 2020!

I have finally received approval for my Smart new studio to be erected at my home this coming January. I can’t convey how relieved and delighted I am! I will again have a dedicated space to get back to painting proper and will endeavour to post progress of the project in the new year.

2019 has been a year like no other for us. My husband and I are now main carers for my parents, who have made a monumental move to join us here in Suffolk. Project house has completely overwhelmed us, as we have tailored our new home to ground floor living, whilst maintaining it’s vibrance to suit 3 generations. We are very blessed that it has worked so well and the installation of a proper work space will be just fantastic. My painting output has been limited as a result of this, but I have enjoyed sketching and working towards two charity events this year. The frustration of having many materials in storage, limited time and space has been so difficult to manage at times and I can’t wait to find my feet (in paint) again.

The studio will be situated on the edge of a wood, just a little way away from the house and surrounded by potential inspiration. We hope to develop its use over time and will keep you posted on this.


I would like to thank you deeply for your continued support and patience over the year and wish you all a very happy Christmas and a full brush in the New Year.

With love, Lorna x

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