Sketching at West Stow


Ahh this has been such a wonderfully nourishing day; we have really needed to blow away the cobwebs and get out into the great outdoors.

West Stow is a place close to our heart, fond family memories for Stephen and now for me too, as I get to know Suffolk. I have never wandered around the lake there and we chose the most perfect day to do just that; warm, windy and with the most magical shimmering light playing over the water.

We found a spot and unfurled our folding chairs. Stephen wanted to paint and I chose to draw. We spent a wonderful couple of hours in total peace and quiet, just punctuated by the occasional moorhen call and a big Labrador sniffing at our sketch bag. So important to find these times; I have lots of information for a painting now and am refuelled for the studio in the morning.

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